Beyond Plain Weave - Pick-up Stick Patterns for the Rigid Heddle Loom

Mini-Workshop with Angela Schneider

MGHW Meeting
March 25, 2023, 9:30 am - 2:00 pm
Crosstown Concourse

Expand your rigid-heddle weaving by using pick-up sticks to add warp or weft floats to plain weave. Create patterns with one and two pick-up sticks. Lace, honeycomb, and simple twills are just some of the possibilities!

Looms must be warped in advance.
Pre-workshop instructions and supply list.

There is no charge for this workshop, but please RSVP. Do you need to borrow a rigid-heddle loom? Do you have an extra loom you can let someone else use? Let us know!

We will have our business meeting and show & tell in the morning, with the mini-workshop to follow. Bring a lunch or visit one of the restaurants within Crosstown Concourse.

Image of a rigid heddle and pick-up stick resting on fabric samples.
Some of Angela's pick-up pattern samples.

Looking Ahead!

The April 22 meeting will be a hands-on inkle pickup  mini-workshop offered by Angela Schneider.

Bring your own pre-warped loom; drafts will be available before the meeting.

Location: Crosstown Concourse, 1350 Concourse Ave, Memphis, TN 38104
Free parking in the garage in the back rows and upper levels; the first rows have a fee after 2 hours. Take the Central Atrium elevator to the 7th floor, turn right, and enter through the Parcels office. The meeting space has a Keurig coffee maker, tea kettle, and water fountain for hot and cold beverage needs.

Monthly Meetings

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We are finally starting to meet in person again, but our location does change from month to month. See specific information provided on the month meeting details.

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Guild History

The Memphis Guild of Handloom weavers was founded in 1947 but Viola Joyce Quigley and fellow students from the Memphis Academy of Art. Since then, the guild has held art shows, workshops with internationally reknowned instructors, classes for the public, and sales of handwoven goods.

We continue to promote the time-honored craft of handweaving into the 21st century.

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The guild keeps an extensive library of over 300 books and videos on a wide variety of weaving topics. Members may check out media from the library.

The guild also owns 10 looms and a colections of smaller equipment and tools.

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