April Meeting - Getting Back Together Pattern Workshop

April 23, 2022

9:30 am - 4:00 pm

This will be our first in-person get together in 2 years (!) and we wanted to celebrate by having a round-robin workshop in which we bring a loom prepared with a pattern of our own choice that highlights our theme of "getting together." Some examples of "getting together" might include stripes of different structures such as twill and huck lace, linsey-woolsy (linen and wool), differential shrinkage with shrinking and non-shrinking yarns, matte and shiny yarns combined for a subtle pattern, thick and thin layers of doubleweave... the combinations are endless!


Fringe twister tool holding yarn ends with beads on a rainbow colored corckscrew twill fabric.
Twisting a beaded fringe.

Looking ahead:

1. We'll do a picnic lunch gathering for our May meeting - possibly in conjunction with a visit/tour of the Arrow Arts space.

2. Our Guild theme for the TN Guilds Exhibit (July 1-29, 2022) at the Emporium, Knoxville, TN during Convergence this summer will be "Memphis: Home of the Blues." Projects will need to be delivered by June 27 - get busy!

3. The summer challenge for this year's Pink Palace Crafts Fair will commemorate 50 years of the PPCF! Gold? Ends in multiple of 50? Half and Half designs (50%)? Get those creative juices flowing now.

4. Any thoughts for a summer study group? Deflected doubleweave, anyone?

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The Memphis Guild of Handloom weavers was founded in 1947 but Viola Joyce Quigley and fellow students from the Memphis Academy of Art. Since then, the guild has held art shows, workshops with internationally reknowned instructors, classes for the public, and sales of handwoven goods.

We continue to promote the time-honored craft of handweaving into the 21st century.

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