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Apron Strings seminar - Friday evening, March 24

with weaver Elisabeth Hill

Friday, March 24, 2017 - 7:00 PM
MGHW Studios

Come and enjoy the parade of aprons. From Grandma's gingham to Gryffindor, from the kitchen to the garden to the studio—aprons abound.

Functional, fun, fabulous and most of all weave-, quilt-, and sew-able.

In this easy, fun class we will cover the history and importance of aprons in our lives using a PowerPoint presentation. We will learn how to use our own handwoven fabric* to sew quick and fabulous aprons, and cover tips, tricks and ideas for making the perfect apron for our unique needs. Finally, participants who have brought their favorite/sentimental aprons with them will discuss what features they love and/or the stories behind them. Bring a notebook & pen & small pair of scissors and a favorite apron if you have one.

* Also suitable for commercial fabrics, or pieced, quilted, or recycled cloth.

Materials fee $1.
Non-members $5.

Please RSVP by registering for the seminar. Payment can be made at the event.


Pricing Your Work - February 25

Saturday, Febriary 25, 9:30 am - noon

You've finished your beautiful handmade items. You have a
place to sell it. How do you know what price to ask? Virginia Fisher is a successful craft
artist who creates and sells woven copper baskets and jewelry. She will share her
insights on pricing fine craft work to sell without selling yourself short.

February 25 is also the deadline to register for our March workshop on deflected doubleweave with Elisabeth Hill.


Deflected Doubleweave Workshop with Elisabeth Hill

Defected Doubleweave sample

Defected Doubleweave sample

The Memphis Guild of Handloom Weavers presents

Deflected Double Weave with Elisabeth Hill
March 25 & 26, 2017, 9.30 am - 4.30 pm
MGHW Studio
Mystery Weave, Deflected Double Weave, Cell Weave - it has as many names as it does possibilities according to Doramay Keasbey. In this workshop, we explore the dramatic possibilities of deflected double weave. Students will be provided with an individual warp and draft for their 8 shaft looms with full instructions for warping.
The students will begin class weaving their warps as-drawn-in in order get a feel for the structure. I will then give a lecture/ powerpoint presentation that gives a detailed explanation of the structure with slides, drafts and many examples. Next we will experiment with the myriad variations possible on a single threading by changing our tie-up, treadling and weft colors to create a mini sampler. Finally we will choose a tie-up/treadling/colorway from our sampler to weave a scarf.
Ability Level:  Participants must be able to warp a loom, change tie-up, and follow a draft.
8-shaft loom, warped and ready to weave at the beginning of class.
2 shuttles, 4 bobbins
tapestry needle,
measuring tape. ­
Registration deadline: February 25, 2017 (meeting day)
Limit: 15 Cost: $120 (Non-MGHW members add $20. Includes membership through July 2017)
Materials Fees: $50.00 for a 6-yard warp, coordinating weft, and handouts.
Deposit: $50 due at time of registration. Balance due at workshop.

Mail-in form - online registration

About Elisabeth Hill:

I am a hand-weaver, teacher and mother of three children, two dogs, and three ( . . . there may be a few more) looms. I have been weaving since 1995, and I have received my Master Weaver certification from Hill Institute in Florence, MA. I am a technical editor for and frequent contributor to Handwoven Magazine.

I believe that cloth and its creation are somehow embedded in our DNA.  Making cloth seems fundamental to me; I am saddened by the distance we have created between the fabric that means so much to us (wedding dresses, christening gowns, tallitot, baby blankets and grandma’s quilt) and the making of that fabric. I find pleasure, challenge and a fundamental gratification in the colors, patterns and structures of the pieces I make. I want to create items that will be in daily use, but that demonstrate that utility is not “mere utility” but is intimately entwined with our aesthetic needs.


Weaving for an Exhibition - January 28

Saturday, January 28, 2017. 9:30 am

Returning to The Path of the Weaver...

MGHW will mark our 70th anniversary with an art exhibit at the Germantown Performing Arts Center (GPAC) in November or December 2017. This is an exciting opportunity for weavers to showcase their new artwork. We have a number of pieces from the guild’s history to include in the show.

Much of the details (including exact dates) are still to be worked out. We will have an artists’ reception at GPAC with hors d’oeuvres, possibly with music, demonstrations, or hands-on art experiences for the public. The exhibition will be geared to artwork (think sculpture or hanging on walls), and we may have additional items available for sale during the reception. All members are encouraged to participate as contributing artist or in a supporting role.

The guild meeting on January 28 will be a discussion of presenting weaving as art and preparing for a gallery show, plus brainstorming for our upcoming exhibition.

*From 1979 to 1990, the Guild held five major juried exhibits, called "The Path of the Weaver," featuring works by regional fiber artists. These were first held at the Brooks Museum and later at the Memphis College of Art.