Past Programs 2014–15


August 23 — What I did on my Summer Vacation! It’s been a busy summer! Members share projects, workshops, and weaving related travels.

September 27 — Weaving in Burkino Faso
— Dr. Genevieve Hill-Thomas
In Burkina Faso, West Africa, the Marka people create a tradition-based indigo textile woven from cotton, 
kapok, and indigenous silk. Fibers are gathered in nature or farmed, handspun, dyed, and woven on doubleheddle looms into striped cloth called “faso dan fani,” or “country cloth.” The patterns of these textiles correspond to proverbs, and are worn to convey messages that can express a range of opinions and political views in a variety of situations. Join Dr. Genevieve Hill-Thomas as she discusses the contemporary creation of “faso dan fani,” as well as how it may be used as a form of communication.

October 10-12 — Pink Palace Crafts Fair
Our 26th year as demonstrating craftsmen and vendors. Offer your handwoven goods for sale and share your love of weaving with the public.

October 25 — Drafting Demystified
— Angela Schneider
Dumbfounded by drawdowns? Wonder no more! Angela will walk you through understanding this essential weaving skill with structure, color, and profile drafts.

November 22 — Designing with Software
— Kaaren Reid
Want to weave more than one thing at a time without making a duplicate? Put enough warp on the loom for 2 or 3 projects, change the tie-up and/or the treadling, and make different items. Or, what if you followed the instructions carefully, but you see there is a mistake. What do you do? We can find and fix the mistake.

December 13 — Holiday Luncheon and Silent Auction
— Kaaren Reid, host
Potluck luncheon and auction of yarns, tools, books, textiles etc. donated by fellow weavers.


January 10-11 — Woven Tapestry and The Language of Color Workshop
— Jennifer Sargent
Refresh your knowledge of color theory while building on your beginning tapestry techniques. Learn how to choose and blend solid and multiple colors with special techniques like hatching and hachures and learn how shading techniques can create value changes and expand your color palette.

February 28 — Small Weaving Surprise!
Join us for a surprise hands-on small project class and make goodies for the upcoming Gathering of the Guilds!

March 7 — Gathering of the Guilds
MGHW is pleased to host the 3rd annual gathering for fiber enthusiasts of all disciplines! Enjoy vendors, demonstrations, prizes, and contacts with fellow textile artists.

March 28 — Overshot
— Mary Jorgensen
No other weave structure can give you so much pattern for so few shafts. Overshot goes from classic Americana to contemporary art. Explore the magic that happens when twill and tabby marry.

April 24 — Dreams Do Come True: Ghana, Africa and Kente Cloth Weaving
Evening Lecture — Linda Weghorst
Join artist Linda Weghorst for a brief history of Ghana and its people and a portrayal of Ghana as it is today. Major emphasis will be placed on the weaving of Kente Cloth and the regions where this fine cloth is still created. See samples of the cloth as well as other crafts commonly produced in Ghana.

April 25-26 — Inspired by Tradition: Kente Cloth Weaving Workshop
— Linda Weghorst
The tradition of Kente Weaving as “talking cloth” will be emphasized in this workshop where students will design and weave vibrant strips of cloth using Kente Cloth as their inspiration. By analyzing the myriad of  structures and patterns, which make this cloth one of the most admired in the world, students will receive a hands-on journey into the visual and cultural significance of this centuries-old art form. Using fine cotton warps with cotton, silk, metallic wefts participants will explore structural possibilities including plain weave, basket weave, and supplemental wefts. Stripes, checkerboards, figurative designs, and tapestry patterns create designs with vivid colors. Designing, weaving, finishing and suggestions for use of the strips will be covered.

May TBA — Spring Luncheon & Mini-Workshop
— Roni Engle, host
Potluck luncheon and mini workshop!