September, 2022Pink Palace Craft Festival
October 22, 2022Community Weaving Time – Bring those small looms or untwisted fringes and socialize.
November 19, 2022The Great Loom Round-up
December 10, 2022Holiday potluck, silent auction, and Scandinavian star craft
January 28, 2023Inkle Pick-up – hands-on demonstration
February 25, 2023Transparencies and Tapestries
March 25, 2023Vicarious Travel – Pictures and Information from Weaving and Fiber Exhibits (Felicitas)
April 22, 2023Workshop (To be determined – Saori weaving or rigid heddle)
May 27, 2023 (date
subject to change
since this is Memorial
Day weekend)
Fiber Feast and Dye Day! Annual end of year picnic and playing with dyes (wool tincture, Bengala
mud dye, possibly others)