Our program for April 15 meeting is Woven Shibori. Meeting and program starts at 9:30 am

Shibori comprises a variety of techniques — stitching, tying, twisting, knotting — to bunch up cloth and create a resist before dyeing. With woven shibori, threads to be gathered before dyeing are woven right in, making the process very simple. In this program, Melissa Petersen will present some of the techniques and share some of her experimental samples. You can do this technique on any loom — even a rigid heddle! She’ll also discuss fiber and dye choices and the basic steps for natural and synthetic dye techniques. For those who want to try it, we’ll dye the cloth you weave at the June picnic. You’ll be able to weave your own dishtowel, scarf, or yardage and we’ll dye it together. The group participating in the dyeing will choose which type of dye we plan to use — fiber reactive (for cellulose), acid (for protein), or indigo (can do cellulose and protein!). Note: The date for this meeting has been changed to April 15 to replace our regular, fourth Saturday meeting.

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